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Be your own skin guardian angel with LIKEANGEL

Experience all-natural, vegan skincare products specially formulated to enhance your inherent beauty as you connect with the power of nature and reconnect with the beauty around you.

We believe that every women is beautiful no matter color, age or type of skin. Through our innovative products made out of the earth’s most powerful ingredients combined with science and technology, we help people to feel healthier, more radiant and more confident with their own beauty.  

We make products which ingredients are 100% organic, fresh and rich in vitamins and nutrients and use tested knowledge of how gently harvest and refine juice, oil, pulp and herbs into skin therapies that offer the most significant skin health benefits. 

Each hand-blended product meets our insistence on purity and potency thus we deign custom recipes and package products to retain the force of their ingredients.

Our overriding goal is provide you with a new way to care and protect your skin in a simple and functional way using the richest nutrients of the nature to make your skin look and feel healthy, radiant and toned.


Our products are not conventional cosmetics, they are an alternative to skincare with the added value of conscience. This means, they are planet friendly, cruelty free, 100% vegan made of the most powerful and effective natural ingredients. Our products are also sourced from certified providers of botanicals and essences, but even more important fully backed by philosophies that harness inner powers and greater everyday balance.

We affirm that body, mind and spirit are inextricably connected. That make us a different kind of company that seeks to go beyond. As a part of our job, Likeangel team commits to volunteering time and resources to promote wellbeing among all walks of life and protect the environment we share.

Your skin is one of your most precious assets, a protector of human health and a mirror that reflects your inner balance and peace. Likeangel believe in you. We invite you to discover the power of real ingredient skincare and start being your own guardian angel.


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