Coneflower Lemongrass Toner

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A citrus Infused equalizing toner that effectively cleans skin, resetting pH and optimal skin hydration levels. This botanical toner is bursting with anti-oxidant rich extracts and clarifying oils that defend against excessive sebum production while encouraging optimal pH balance. Lemongrass, Coneflower and Licorice Root, known to be mildly astringent and purifying, elevate this harmonizing tonic. ironment for clarifying extract of Plantain, Echinacea and Burdock Root. 


Feature Ingredients:

Canadian Willowherb  Wild Pansy Extract Seaweed Extract  Lemongrass Oil

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Enjoy this refreshing, citrus inspired balancing toner that restores pH and topical hydration levels. Botanical in origin, this toner is bursting with natural-source extracts and clarifying essential oils which encourage a sense of equilibrium. Mildly astringent, Lemongrass, Coneflower and Licorice Root elevate this harmonizing tonic to make it a must-have for oily/combination skin.


Usage: After cleansing, apply toner to skin with cotton pad.


  • When caring for oily skin, do not use alcohol-based toner as it is important not to dry the skin out. Despite having excess oil, skin may still lack moisture, or water in the skin cells. Alcohol free toner will help clean and purify skin without over drying.
  • Recommended as part of a daily skin care program.
  • Tap water/hard water leaves mineral deposits on the skin, which can cause skin to feel tight, dry and flaky. This often causes clients to believe their skin is drier that it in fact is. As a result, they may over moisturize which can cause congestion and even sagging. Toner removes mineral residue and prepares the skin for proper protective treatment.
  • Lemongrass and Grapefruit are natural astringents that help eliminate excess oil, while Witch Hazel calms, softens and provides skin clearing benefits to oily skin.


Feature Ingredients:

Canadian Willowherb | Wild Pansy Extract Seaweed Extract | Lemongrass Oil


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